Ray in the Sunday Times

Fashion & Style / Tuesday, July 17th, 2018

Ray in the Sunday Times
[Photo by Francisco Valera]

In an article published Sunday, Alex Vadukul at The New York Times looks at the relationship between filmmaker Arya Ghavamian and Ray Alvarez, the proprietor of Ray’s Candy Store on Avenue A.

Ghavamian recently held a successful crowdfunding campaign to help cover the production costs of his coming documentary, “The Candy Store,” which “explores Mr. Alvarez’s reputation as an unlikely Zen character displaced from New York’s urbanity.”

An excerpt from the article:

Mr. Ghavamian walked into Ray’s Candy Store one night in 2014. As Mr. Alvarez made him a milkshake, he noticed a photograph of Mr. Alvarez proudly holding his certificate of naturalization. They started speaking Farsi, and Mr. Ghavamian discovered that Mr. Alvarez is from Tabriz, just like his father. “Metaphorically, I realized that our stories are the same,” he said. He started filming soon after.

And here was the video that came with the crowdfunding campaign…

The Candy Store: A Documentary from candystoremovie on Vimeo.

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